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Shopping in Vinča

Shopping in Vinča

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Discover Vinča Culture-Inspired Tote Bags


Elevate your style with our Vinča Culture-inspired tote bags, seamlessly blending historical heritage, contemporary functionality, eco-consciousness, and fashion trends.


Design: Symbols of Vinča Culture

Dimensions: 38x42 cm

Composition: 100% Cotton

Printing Type: Digital Printing with Eco-Friendly Colors (Water-based)


Crafted with 100% cotton, our tote bags boast durability and sustainability, making them an eco-conscious fashion statement. The digital printing ensures vibrant and long-lasting colours, while the water-based eco-friendly inks align with our commitment to environmental responsibility.


Shipping Information:


Our tote bags typically ship within 2-3 business days.


International Shipping:


Yes, we offer international shipping! For inquiries regarding international delivery, please reach out to us at


Perfect for everyday use or as a unique gift, our Vinča Culture-inspired tote bags add a touch of artistry and culture to your ensemble. Explore inspiring ideas on our Instagram

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